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Tuscany Dream Bundle - Cushion Cover Bundle

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Included in this Bundle:

  • 1x Mustard & Grey Checkerboard - Cushion Cover - 47cm x 47cm 
  • 1x Mustard Leaf - Cushion Cover - 45cm x 45cm 
  • 1x Grey Embroidery Feather - Cushion Cover - 43cm x 43cm 
  • 1x Mustard Diamond Embroidery  - Cushion Cover - 60cm x 30cm 
  • 1x Daisy Sahara - Bolster  - 45cm x 20cm dia 


Comes with Storage Fabric bag, to store away covers only, if you order with Cushion inserts you'll also receive a Storage Fabric bag. 

Made in New Zealand 


Mustard & Grey Checkerboard:
Fabric: Woven Cotton, Back: Polyester, Nylon
Colour: Mustard and grey with Plain grey back
Suitable For: Indoor use

Mustard Leaf:
Fabric: Polyester
Colour: Mustard
Suitable For: Indoor use

Grey Embroidery Feather:
Fabric: Satin Back: Polyester, Nylon
Colour: Grey tones with Plain grey back
Suitable For: Indoor use

Mustard Diamond Embroidery:
Fabric: Stain Fabric Back: Polyester, Nylon
Colour: Grey/mustard tones embroidery with dark blue and with Plain grey back
Suitable For: Indoor use

Daisy Sahara Bolster:
Fabric: Polyester
Colour: Yellow/Mustard
Suitable For: Indoor use

Zip: Normal Zip with signature closed seam (Not invisible zip as they tend to break easily)


1x Mustard & Grey Checkerboard - 47cm x 47cm
1x Mustard Leaf - 45cm x 45cm
1x Grey Embroidery Feather - 43cm x 43cm
1x Mustard Diamond Embroidery - 50cm x 20cm
1x Daisy Sahara - 45cm x 20cm dia

Care information

Covers can be washed in cold cycle, Inside out
Hang Dry in a shaded area,

Do not machine wash or dry clean Cushion inserts,
Spot clean if needed.