Build a Gift Box

Step 1: Select a Cushion Cover set (Covers only so it looks cute in the box)

Step 2: Select A Mini Flower Bouquet (Available in 5 Colours)

Nothing Beats style and scents. Perfect for mum to enjoy on her day!

Step 3: Write us a Note YOU ‘d wish us to add inside and we can send it straight to her address (If you perfer)

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Do you have a outdoor set or vintage peice that needs some TLC? We do recovers and squabs for any project you have.

Vintage pieces are back in!! We can help you bring back the life and colour to any project you have, whether it's a cane set, mum's vintage set from back in the day or your squab covers have reached their end. Have a look at the transformations we've done!!

  • Outdoor Squabs

    We added some magic to this set, from a few cushions to the new foam, We provide quotes to suit your budget and that needs of your project.

  • Another outdoor Squab Set!!

    This project this past summer they wanted colour and choose this eye catching fabric, a great way bring some life into your living space, Email us for a quote!!

  • Cane Chair Squabs

    Isn't this chair stunning a round squab cushion for the back rest, so unique and tready teddy fabric, So cozzy :)
    *Use our contact us page to inquire for custom squabs*

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  • I had a great experience with Green Stitch! I am in love with the cushions I purchased as they are made of great quality and have beautiful designs. They were very good at communicating with regards to the order and were very professional. I would happily order from them again!

    Hiromi McDermott.

    Shop the Orange Rustic Cushions 
  • If you're looking for beautifully made, bespoke cushions or other soft furnishings, you won't be disappointed with the workmanship of GreenStitch. With every attention to detail, a personalized service, and incredibly fast turnaround, I'm delighted with the cushions and bench squab they made for my home. For soft furnishings, GreenStitch will always be my first choice.

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