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GS Roll Up Bolster

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A GS Roll up Bolster is designed and Handmade to provide you comfort while allowing you to remain fully present with the environment. Enjoy tanning and drying off in the sun or simply reading in the shade. . .

Why the roll up bolster will be your must have beach/park item:

  • A common issue we don't realize is don't you have to take 2 towels for yourself 1 that you know you'll sit or lay on so you know it wont be used for after a swim, so you take a second towel for the purpose of drying yourself or going home in. Why would you keep carrying so much extra when you can use our roll up bolster. 

  •  Using your bag with your belongings as a pillow, now not only is your neck hurting but your belonging are now wet too. The roll up is made with a foam bolster cushion so your neck is happy and so comfortable. Plus this area has secret pockets, shhhh . . 

  • We can also secure it to the ground your on grass or sand with the included pegs 
  • Has a comfortable strap to carry to your location of relaxation as shown by our model ;)  aca ME :) 


Fabric: Weatherproof Fabric 

Size: 1.70m Length and width 73cm 

 Includes: 1x GS Roll up bolster and 4x pegs (for securing)

Bolster cushion: Foam 




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