Tierra Deep Green Set - Cushion Cover Set

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1x Tierra Deep Green

1x Deep Green Velvet 


Please note velvet colour vary with the amount of light its exposed to, may look a little lighter if more sun/light. 


Deep Green Velvet:
Fabric: Velvet - polyester
Colour: Green toned
Suitable For: Indoor use

Tierra Deep Green:
Fabric: upholstery with velvet piping
Colour: Creme with Deep green velvet
Suitable For: Indoor use

Zip: Normal Zip with signature closed seam (Not invisible zip as they tend to break easily)


Tierra Deep Green: 40cm x 37cm
Deep Green Velvet: 45cm x 45cm

Care information

Covers can be washed in cold cycle, Inside out
Hang Dry in a shaded area,

Do not machine wash or dry clean Cushion inserts,
Spot clean if needed.